What Does Michigan State Anthracnose Research Say About Floratine Nutrition?

Michigan State Results Summary:

  • Two years in a row, Floratine's foliar nutrition program combined with low-dose contact fungicides offered better resistance to Crown Rot Anthracnose than fungicides alone.
  • A program using CONTACT fungicides with a targeted foliar nutrition plan will not only offer excellent disease protection but also reduce SYSTEMIC fungicide resistance.
Recently completed research done at Michigan State University by Dr. Joseph Vargas clearly demonstrates that combining a Floratine foliar nutrition program with low-dose contact fungicide applications provides superior control of Crown Rot Anthracnose, as well as providing exceptional turfgrass nutrition. The study attributes this to Floratine's foliar uptake technology combined with the proven efficacy of the low dose of the fungicide.

To see the full research report, visit: University Trials: Crown Rot Anthracnose